Tides of Tomorrow trailer out now !

The talented team at Digixart has recently released a teaser trailer for their newest game ‘Tides of Tomorrow’. As in their previous games ‘Road 96’ and ‘Road 96:Mile 0’, ‘Tides of Tomorrow allows players to alter their experience based on the decision they make– but with a twist. In Tides of Tomorrow, your friend’s decisions can also alter your experience […]

En Garde Nominated at the Pégases!

I am happy to share with you all that the video game ‘En Garde’ by fireplace games has been nominated for Best First Video Game. In En Garde you play the swashbuckling swordswoman Adalia de Volador on a quest to challenge the cruel Count-Duke and stand against tyranny. I voice the character of Vaida, another swordswoman and paramour to Adalia. […]

Killer Coaster Out Now on Amazon Prime!

Blink and you might miss me! I was so happy to have my first experience as an extra on the set of Nicola Lange’s ‘Killer Coaster’ which was filmed in and in the surrounding areas of Montpellier. The show follows meter maid turned amateur detective Sandrine as she infiltrates the tight knit and mysterious world of the Carnival and the […]

‘En Attendant Godard’ out on Youtube!

I’m happy to announce that the latest production of Boggers Studio, ‘En Attendant Godard’ is now available to watch on Youtube. As a proud member of Boggers Studio, I had the privilege of contributing as the logistics director for this remarkable project. Boggers Studio, established in 2018, is a diverse group of talented actors and technicians brought together by writer […]