Killer Coaster Out Now on Amazon Prime!

Killer Coaster Out Now on Amazon Prime!

Blink and you might miss me!

I was so happy to have my first experience as an extra on the set of Nicola Lange’s ‘Killer Coaster’ which was filmed in and in the surrounding areas of Montpellier.

The show follows meter maid turned amateur detective Sandrine as she infiltrates the tight knit and mysterious world of the Carnival and the families who work there. After a body is found on one of the rides, Sandrine takes it as her mission to find the culprit, while making friends and enemies along the way.

Something very interesting about the show is that it stars Alexandra Lamy, her sister Audrey Lamy, and her daughter Chloe Jouannet.

The show is set in the 1999 around the time of the football World Cup. As an extra for this series, it was so fun to dress up in the grunge style of the time. We got to film at a real amusement park and even go on the rides! All in all this was a very fun experience for me and it is so cool to see this project come to life. Killer Coaster is available to watch now on Amazon Prime. Check out the trailer here: