En Garde Nominated at the Pégases!

En Garde Nominated at the Pégases!

I am happy to share with you all that the video game ‘En Garde’ by fireplace games has been nominated for Best First Video Game.

In En Garde you play the swashbuckling swordswoman Adalia de Volador on a quest to challenge the cruel Count-Duke and stand against tyranny. I voice the character of Vaida, another swordswoman and paramour to Adalia. This game has been well received by critics and fans alike who appreciate the fun world filled with satire and charm and the addictive gameplay.

What are the Pégases Awards?

The Pégases awards is a ceremony that recogonizes the contributions of the French video game industry. The Academy of Video Game Arts and Techniques promotes all those involved in production and publishing of video games to raise understanding to the general public and observers of the sector such as media, partners and investors. The 1500+ Academy members (made up of French video game professionals) vote to grant the awards. The Fifth edition of this ceremony will be held in March. You can watch the teaser for it here:

This is not the first time a video game I had the pleasure of working on has been nominated for a Pégases award. In the 2022 edition ‘Road 96’ (which I voiced the character of Alex) was nominated in 7 categories and won 5 Pégases awards. Like ‘En Garde’, ‘Road 96’ was a game made in Montpellier. I am especially proud that the Pégases recognises the incredible work that happens in our region.

A big congratulations to everyone who worked on ‘En Garde’ and we will keep our fingers crossed for March! Until then you can download the game which is available on Steam.