Road 96: Mile Zero coming April 4th!

It’s time to take it back to the start! Road 96: Mile Zero is a prequel to the award winning procedural adventure game Road 96. I was so happy to team back up with the Digixart team and the sound studio Audio Workshop for this adventure that explores the origins of Petria and the road 96 story. Fans of the […]

Road 96 Expo 26/01/2023 Médiathèque Emilie Zola

There are many great things about living in the city of Montpellier– The sunny beaches, the beautiful pedestrian city center, and a thriving video game community! I have had the pleasure of working with several video game companies based in Montpellier and it all started with the game Road 96 made by the indie video game company Digixart. Road 96 […]